Tactile by Luke Wilson - Favorite bits


I’m sure some of you have received and read Tactile by Luke Wilson, which came out a few weeks ago.
I wrote a mini review about it.

I was wondering, what is your favorite bit? The best little piece of advice? The line or chapter that strikes you the most? The favorite insight you take away? I’ll share mine later too :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a copy, don’t worry, you can order one or read the original articles, most of which have been published in Kaskade Magazine, on CircusGeeks, or on eJuggle.


It was an enjoyable read throughout. I particularly liked the part about how many kick ups in an act was too many, depending on what kind of audience it is, and all that.

I lent the book to an interested non-juggler, will be fun to hear what they thought of it later.