Still Unjuggled


What do you want to see in juggling (which hasn’t been done)?
Which trick, act, show, movie etc?
And will you do it yourself perhaps in the future?

I myself hope to combine animation and other video effects to make juggling more visually engaging. A bit like the impossible juggling scenes in Wes Peden’s Gumball.
Also I want to see and create more visual comedy based on juggling. Gag’s based around the props we use all the time.
I can never see enough “real life manipulations”. Tricks that substitute a real life action, such as the complicated ways that Etienne Manceau makes his tea in “Vu”.

But what about you? What do you want to see? And will you do it yourself, or are you hoping to discover it through others?


Quite simple, I want to see a pirouette under 9 balls !

For sure "Vu"like act whould be amazing.

I would like to see more meaningful act.


Oh oh and i want a mill’s mess with the siteswap 744. I’m “working” on it.